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Dioxin Dorms is published by Planet Waves.
Update from Eric Francis -- January 2012
Dear Visitor to Dioxin Dorms:

We have arrived at 20 years since the PCB disaster, and at the end of the month, 20 years since the opening of the Dioxin Dorms to students. The buildings involved were Capen, Gage, Bliss and Scudder halls -- and two academic buildings, Parker Theater and Coykendall Sciences Building.

I published this article in Chronogram and to the Internet last month, called Who Will Tell Students About the Dioxin Dorms?

Miraculously, I am starting to hear from people. Many people, who believe they were sickened or that their friends were killed by living in the buildings. The discussion is happening on a number of Facebook pages, including the New Paltz Alumni page. Several students are still networked through their sorority sisters.

I am still on the story -- never put it down. This website will familiarize you with the history. The two most important articles to read are the one I linked above, and then one I did in 2007 called Where's Your Data?

You can reach me through the following contact info.

Via email: dreams@planetwaves.net

If I ever don't reply to an email within about six hours, please send it again! You may copy info@planetwaves.net.

By phone: (845) 331-0355 -- my photo studio.

(845) 338-4846 -- my home, mornings and late at night are best

(845) 797-3458 -- my iPhone, which I lose often.

I am TERRIBLE at voicemail but I always answer if I hear the phone, so it should not take long to reach me.

You may send me documents or letters at Eric Francis, PO Box 3606, Kingston, NY 12402. Keep copies of whatever you send!!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Every year, 1,300 more students -- and their guests -- are exposed. We shall shut down the Dioxin Dorms. The time has come.


Eric FrancisEditor, Planet Waves, Inc.

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