Gage Hall: What Really Happened to One Student

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About 25,000 students have lived in the Dioxin Dorms since they began to re-open in 1992, after the PCB and dioxin release of December 1991. Gradually I am meeting some of the students who lived there and began to develop health problems; every year I am approached by some. I would like to introduce you to one of those people. This is her statement, which I received in February 2012.

My name is Elzabeth Marks and in August of 1992, I was an excited twenty-one year old woman embarking on her first college dorm experience. Due to insufficient financial aid for another university, I came to SUNY New Paltz at the last moment as a transfer student. I attended the college from the fall of 1992 through August of 1994. Originally in 1992 I was placed in Shango dormitory with two eighteen year old freshman girls from NYC. Given the age difference and the small living quarters, I requested a new room assignment. I thought I was fortunate to find an opening in Gage Hall and moved in during the second week of the semester. I was not informed of the explosion earlier that year on campus or of the prior presence of PCBs and dioxins within the dorm itself.

Within a month of living in Gage Hall, I started to become ill. I had always been a healthy child and young adult so this was new to me. As the semester progressed, so did my symptoms. I experienced severe headaches, trouble eating, keeping any food in my stomach and was constantly spitting up blood.

I went to the campus health center several times and was ultimately advised to go to the hospital. I was admitted into the hospital where they pumped my body with fluids and tested my blood and urine for a cause to my symptoms. The ER doctor told me my esophagus was bleeding and I most likely had inflamed stomach ulcers that were also bleeding. Due to the severity of my condition I was given antibiotics, medications for the ulcers and placed on a liquid diet for a minimum of six weeks. I altered what I drank, ate and cut all unhealthy foods from my diet.

My life changed that day in the hospital. No longer was I a healthy young girl.

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It’s great to hear from you

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Gradually I’m hearing from New Paltz grads. Welcome — I feel like I am meeting you at an auspicious moment. Some time soon I’ll share some details from the chart for all of this — for now, I just want to remind you that this website is your library resource, fully expandable, and open to participation. I do the site with my buddy Anatoly in the Ukraine. The idea is a beckon and info repository, and a place to weave community.

Anyway — you’re invited to get in touch any time.

yours truly–

Eric Francis

Good morning, it’s 2012

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It’s been 20 years since the PCB and dioxin incident at SUNY New Paltz. We at Dioxin Dorms are still on the issue I’ve updated the main contents page with my latest article and current contact information. We are getting organized and ready to proceed again.

Introducing Steve Sandberg

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Lois Gibbs visited New Paltz two weeks ago

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PERHAPS you will be vaguely interested to know that Lois Gibbs, who as a housewife moved nearly 1,000 people off of a toxic waste dump, visited New Paltz two weeks ago.